Katinig Handwriting Worksheets (R to V)

The pdf worksheets below are handwriting worksheets on the four Filipino consonants or katinig R, S, T, and V. The worksheets have a few illustrated examples of things that begin with the letter. Click on the thumbnail below to download the worksheet.

Note that the worksheet V has the word vakul. A vakul is a headgear that is made of abaca fiber. It is worn by the Ivatan people to protect them from the rain and the heat of the sun. The Ivatans are a Filipino ethnolinguistic group living in the Batanes islands of the Philippines.

All illustrations in this set of worksheets are by samutsamot_mom. Feel free to download, print, and photocopy these worksheets for your students or children. Please do not copy any part of the worksheets and/or distribute them for profit.

Titik R_1 Titik S_1

Titik T_1 Titik V_1

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