Alpabetong Filipino Handwriting Worksheets

I finally completed my first set of Filipino worksheets for preschool kids!

This is a 7-page set of handwriting worksheets designed to help a child practice writing the 28 letters of the Filipino alphabet (Alpabetong Filipino).  Each page has four letters.  Each letter is accompanied by a word (and its illustration) that begins with or uses the letter. Thumbnails of the worksheets are shown below.

All illustrations in this set of worksheets are by samutsamot_mom. Feel free to download, print, and photocopy these worksheets for your students or children. Please do not copy or distribute these worksheets for profit. If you click the link below, you will download all seven pages of the pdf file.

Alpabetong Filipino_1

A to D E to H I to L M to Ng O to R S to V W to Z

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  1. April S. Gregorio

    Thank You Samutsamot_mom this worksheet will really help me

  2. Ms.Janice

    Thanks for your commitment to our language.Your work here is a vast resource for me.You ought to be published,but as it is,offering your work for free is a great service to the children of our country.God bless you and I hope each day finds you more passionate for this cause.!!
    I say “Mabuhay ka at salamat” once more in behalf of my students who enjoyed your worksheets.”)

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Thank you, Teacher Janice for your support and compliment! Please send my thanks to all your students as well. Good luck on your teaching journey. It is always a blessing to touch other people’s lives.

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