Pangngalan Worksheets

The seven free pdf worksheets below deal with Filipino nouns or pangngalan. There are no answer keys given to worksheets which may have a variety of answers. Feel free to print these for your kids or students. Please do not use or reproduce them for profit.

For a lesson and worksheets on gender nouns, refer to a previous post on Kasarian ng Pangngalan.

1.  Pangngalan_2 (Pagbigay ng pangngalang pambalana):  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to give a fourth common noun (pangngalang pambalana) to a group of three common nouns that share a common characteristic.

2.  Pangngalan_3 (Pagbigay ng pangngalang pantangi):  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to give a fourth proper noun (pangngalang pantangi) to a group of three proper nouns that share a common characteristic.

3.  Pangngalan_4 (Pagbigay ng kategorya ng pangngalan), Mga sagot sa Pangngalan_4:  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to give the category to which the underlined noun in each sentence belongs (person, thing, animal, place, or event).

4.  Pangngalan_5 (Pagbigay ng halimbawa ng pangngalan):  This worksheet asks the student to give five examples of nouns (common or proper nouns) for each noun category (person, thing, animal, place, event, and concept/idea).

5.  Pantangi at Pambalana_2 (Pagbigay ng halimbawa ng pangngalan):  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to give a corresponding common or proper noun to the given noun.

6.  Pantangi at Pambalana_3 (Pagbigay ng pangngalang pantangi):  This 30-item worksheet asks the student to give a corresponding proper noun for each given common noun.

7.   Pantangi at Pambalana_4 (Pagtukoy ng pambalana ng pangngalang pantangi):  This 20-item worksheet asks the student to select the corresponding common noun of a given proper noun. The answers are given on the second page.

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