Simili o Metapora Worksheets (Part 1)

Happy Mother’s Day to all nanays, inays, inas, mamas, moms, and mommies!


Each of the three 15-item worksheets below asks the student to write the letter S on the blank before the number if the sentence contains a simili (simile) or the letter M if the sentence contains a metapora (metaphor).  The second page of each pdf file is the answer key.

I made these worksheets for my daughter who is in sixth grade. You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit.

1.  Simili o Metapora_1

2.  Simili o Metapora_2

3.  Simili o Metapora_3





10 thoughts on “Simili o Metapora Worksheets (Part 1)

  1. salamat nang marami…. !!!! finding this website is a blessing.. YOU ARE A BLESSING TO US PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS..thank you very much…GODBLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MORE!!!!

  2. Hi there!!! it feels so good that all we have to do is search on the internet for this kind of worksheet. i can save time and i will not have to worry on my grammar because it is all here. thank you so much…

  3. hey yeah!!!!tank u!!!much for this very simple help for me ,…..💕🔴🖕💕🔴…..tnk!!tnk!!!tnk?!!!tnk!!!💋💋🎈😘💋🎈so much

  4. hi! i didn’t know worksheets exist! Thank you very much for these worksheets. I’m using it as a reviewer for my son. God bless you!

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