Magbasa Tayo! (Part 2)

This is my second installment on short reading exercises for beginner readers of Filipino.  There are two PDF files below. The first one is entitled "Sa Hardin." The second page of this file has illustrations of things that can be found in a garden. The illustrations are labeled with words that the child can trace. The child is also asked to color the illustrations. The text is by Samut-samot Mom. Except for the butterfly, grass, and plant clip art, the clip art images used here are by Little Red’s Schoolhouse. Click on the link below, not the image, to open the file in another tab. Sa Hardin The second PDF file is entitled "Maliliit na Maya." The second page asks the child to count the birds perched on the branch and write the number inside a box. The clip art images used here are by Samut-samot Mom. Click on…

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Magbasa Tayo! (Part 1)

Several people have requested for reading exercises in Filipino, especially for preschoolers. Below are two short reading exercises for children who are practicing to read in Filipino. The first one is entitled "Ang Bahay Namin." The second page has dots under each syllable to help the child read the word. (I just wanted to try this out. Please leave a comment if the dots help in reading.) There is also a cut-and-paste activity where the child can cut and paste together the parts of a house. The house illustrations are by Samut-samot Mom. The kids clipart are by Little Red’s Schoolhouse. Click on the link below, not the images, to open the file in another tab. Ang Bahay Namin The second PDF file is entitled "Lapis at Papel." There is a multiple-choice set of questions that follows the reading exercise and an activity where the child is asked to…

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Unang Tunog ng Salita Worksheets

The three preschool or first grade worksheets below ask the student to draw a circle around the letter with the first sound of the word for the illustration shown. All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit.  Click on the link below to open the pdf file with the three worksheets in a new tab. Unang Tunog_1 Here's another file with two similar worksheets: Unang Tunog_2 The eyes and window clipart are from The umbrella, bed, car, and faucet clipart are from The flower clipart is from, and the house clipart is from  All the other illustrations are by samutsamot_mom.  

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Pagtukoy sa mga Bagay o Hayop Worksheets

The worksheets in the two pdf files below ask the child to identify the object, animal, or person being described. For example, the child is asked to color the animal with wings (Kulayan ang hayop na may pakpak.). The child is asked to color or encircle his or her answer. These worksheets are appropriate for preschool or first grade students. If the child is not reading yet, the teacher or parent can read the instruction to the child.


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Pagpapahalaga sa Katawan

Pagpapahalaga sa Sariling Katawan:  This worksheet asks the student to cut out the drawings and paste them in the correct box.  For example, the drawing of the girl taking a shower should be pasted in the box with the label “Maligo araw-araw.”  The third page of the file has mini-flashcards of the good health habits.  The thumbnails are shown below.


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