Preschool Filipino Worksheets Bundle Vol. 1

Please note that this bundle is NOT FREE. This bundle is FOR SALE. This bundle and the Filipino Worksheets Bundle Volume 2 (2018) are (so far) the only things in my blog that are NOT FREE. All the other worksheets in this blog are free. I've been posting free worksheets since 2012 on this blog. Because this is a personal blog, it is difficult to sift through the posts to find what you need. To make it easier for people who are searching for worksheets for preschoolers, I've made a set of Filipino worksheets that focuses on the following topics: learning the 28 letters of the Filipino alphabet and their correct order; learning words that begin with (or have) the letters of the Filipino alphabet; learning how to write the uppercase and lowercase letters of the Filipino alphabet; learning how to distinguish the Filipino vowels (patinig) from the consonants (katinig);…

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Ang Parabula ng mga Posporo

Para sa imo ini, 'Nay!  ("This is for you, Mom!" in Bikol) This short story was written by my late mother, Jean Llorin, a long time ago in English.  A few years back, she asked me to draw pictures to go with her story.  I've translated the story in Filipino and added a few more important details that I felt the story needed. A thumbnail of the first page is shown below. Click on the link (title) below, not the thumbnail, to open the 4-page PDF file. All illustrations are by Samut-samot Mom. Feel free to share this story with your children, students, and friends, but do not do so for profit or my mother's ghost will haunt you! Please note that I am not a writer (I'm actually an engineering graduate), so feel free to leave comments on how I can improve the story. Thanks! Ang Parabula ng mga…

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Munting Langgam

The pdf file below has a poem about ants (langgam) and a writing exercise for students. Click on the link, not the thumbnails, to open the 3-page pdf file. Munting Langgam The poem, its accompanying drawing, and the illustrations on the writing exercise page are by samutsamot_mom. Feel free to print and distribute the reading and writing exercise to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit. Have you written a Filipino poem, short story, or reading exercise for beginner readers? If you would like me to make it into a pdf file to be shared freely with other Filipino teachers and parents who come across this blog, please leave a comment. Thank you!

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