Mga Kasapi ng Pilipinong Mag-anak (Part 1)

This post is dedicated to the Filipino children in Sweden because one of their teachers requested for them. (Hi, Shelah!) The lesson sheets and worksheets in this post are about the names for the members of a Filipino nuclear family and extended family.  All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. The names of the characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. You may print and distribute these lesson sheets and worksheets to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit. If you would like to request a worksheet (or have an idea for a worksheet) using the illustrations shown in this post, feel free to leave a comment. The 4-page pdf file below shows illustrations of a family and the names used for the members of a Filipino family.  Thumbnails of the pages are shown below. The…

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Pagbilang sa Filipino

I have taken a couple of weeks off from making worksheets and have been working on an article on counting in Filipino. Although this post is categorized under Filipino Lessons, it is more of an informative piece than a lesson. I hope it will help you in some way. – samutsamot_mom Below is a link to a 7-page pdf article that is about counting in Filipino from one to one million. Pagbilang sa Filipino This article includes the following sections: Pagbilang mula 1 hanggang 100 sa wikang Filipino Pagbilang mula 1 hanggang 100 hango sa wikang Espanyol Pagbilang mula 100 hanggang 1,000 Pagbilang mula 1,000 hanggang 10,000 Pagbilang mula 10,000 hanggang 1,000,000 Sections 3 to 5 have examples of complex numbers which use one or more of the nine basic or simple numbers (1 to 9) and one or more of the words that express groups of hundreds (pu), thousands…

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Filipino Synonym and Antonym Pairs

Below are links to two pdf files that list Filipino synonym and antonym pairs.  There are around 280 synonym pairs or mga salitang magkasingkahulugan and about 100 antonyms pairs or mga salitang magkasalungat. The words are arranged alphabetically. The antonym pairs list is also translated in English. I hope you'll find these helpful. Mga Salitang Magkasingkahulugan : This is a 4-page pdf file that lists about 280 Filipino synonym pairs. Mga Salitang Magkasalungat :  This is a 3-page pdf file that lists about 100 Filipino antonym pairs.  

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Aralin at Worksheets sa Panghalip na Pananong

The pdf lesson, four worksheets and their answer keys on Filipino interrogative pronouns (mga panghalip na pananong) are free.  You may download, print, and photocopy them for your children or students.  To avoid bad karma, do not copy or distribute these for profit. 1.  Aralin sa Panghalip na Pananong :  This 6-page lesson deals with the Filipino interrogative pronouns sino, sinu-sino, ano, anu-ano, kanino, kani-kanino, and alin.  I recommend that you read the lesson introduction (pambungad) first.  I encourage you to read the entire lesson before using the worksheets below. 2.  Pagpili ng Panghalip na Pananong_1 ; Mga sagot sa Pagpili ng Panghalip na Pananong_1 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to choose the correct interrogative pronoun that completes the question. The student is asked to select from the given set of interrogative pronouns. 3.  Pagpili ng Panghalip na Pananong_2 ; Mga sagot sa Pagpili ng Panghalip na Pananong_2 : This 20-item worksheet asks…

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