Flip Cards: Mga Bahagi ng Mukha at Katawan

There's been an increase in interest on online learning using platforms such as Boom Learning, which requires you to be online in order to access the activities. To address the need to be online, I've created a downloadable interactive PowerPoint show that students can use even without an internet connection. (Of course, you need to download it on your device first.) I made a PowerPoint show with a set of flip cards on the parts of the face and body in Filipino. The learner is asked to say the name of the face or body part before clicking the flip card. Once clicked, the card will flip to reveal the name for the body part. The image below shows what a slide will look like before and after clicking a flip card. This is only a sample, so I only made two slides with a total of 12 flip cards.…

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Digital Flashcards: Mga Pagkain

WARNING: The files I've linked in this post are large files (two of them are over 42 MB). Please check the file size before downloading it if you are watching the amount of data you are consuming. Hello, everyone! I'd like to thank the new subscribers and those who sent me messages and wrote their comments. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to reply to you individually, but know that I appreciate your message. Thank you for using the resources on my blog and abiding by the Terms of Use. Now about this post. Yesterday, I purchased some graphics from Prettygrafix design and I used PowerPoint to make digital flashcards. The slides display 20 kinds of food and their names. The learner can just click the slide or tap the right part of the slide to go to the next slide. A slide looks like the image below. For those…

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Number Puzzles

The PDF file below has two printable puzzles. Once printed on letter-sized paper (8.5" by 11"), you can cut the puzzle into strips. The learner can complete the puzzle by arranging the numbers in the correct order. The clip art images are by DigitalArtsi and the numbers clip art are by Ashley Hughes. If you download the file, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms on Use included in the first two pages of the file. Click the title link below, not the image, to open the PDF file in another tab. Numbers 1-20 Puzzles

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New TeachersPayTeachers Store

Hello, everyone! I’ve been spending some of my quarantine time making products for my new store at teacherspayteachers.com, an online marketplace for teachers to sell their digital products. The name of my store is OLIOTOPIA. The word olio means “a miscellaneous collection of things,” just like this blog’s name samut-samot. I threw in my first name at the end. I decided to sell products on TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) because when buyers purchase a product, they can instantly download it. (And of course, this mom has to make a living.) The products in Oliotopia are either new worksheets or much improved versions of what I have been posting in this blog. My TpT store is focused on selling products written in the Filipino language, but I’ll eventually translate some of them and make English versions to sell, too. For now, I only have four products in my store, each less than 10…

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Pagbilang Hanggang 100: Filipino and English Versions

I'd like to thank those people who e-mailed me their thanks. Thank you, too, for dropping by my blog. I would also like to give a warm welcome to the new subscribers. Welcome to the Samut-samot Community! I made two versions of the learning resource today on counting. One is in Filipino and the other one is in English. The PDF files contain the following: number charts from 1 to 100, a chart with both symbols and number words from 1 to 100, and 2 worksheets where the student is asked to fill in the missing numbers in a number chart from 1 to 100. As always, please read the Terms of Use in the first two pages of the file or the Terms of Use on my blog menu. If you download these files, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. You may…

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