Filipino Family Tree Activity Sheet

I was inspired to make this activity sheet by a reader of this blog (Hi, Jean!) who asked if I had worksheets on the topic “Family Tree.”

The pdf file below is a Filipino family tree with frames where the child can glue photos of his or her family members. The child may also draw the family members. The space beneath each frame is for the name of the family member. Additional frames are provided so the child can extend his “family tree” to include additional siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, and even pets. For an extended family tree, additional sheets may be taped on either side of the activity sheet.

The tree clipart is from You may download and print these activity sheets for your children or students, but you may not do so for profit or commercial purposes.

Click on the link below, not the thumbnails, to open the file in another tab.

Aking Pamilya



If you want the English version, click the link below.

My Family

You or your child can also make a family tree with the frames below. Click on the frame to open the png file in another tab. Then right click the image and choose “Save Image As” to download the frame. These png files are for personal and classroom use only.

blank frame_2

blank frame_3

blank frame_1


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