“Ang Aking Pamilya” Booklet


Here’s an activity children can do at home and share their work in school. The pdf file below makes a booklet about one’s family members. This activity aims to encourage the child to spend some time getting to know his/her family members better.

The child is asked to interview his/her family members so he/she can fill up the information in the booklet (in Filipino). The child will fill up or ask the following information about each family member:

  1. Full name (Buong pangalan)
  2. The name the child uses to call the family member (Ang tawag ko sa kanya)
  3. Birthday and age (Kaarawan at edad)
  4. Hobbies (Mga hilig)
  5. Favorite food (Paboritong pagkain)
  6. Favorite place to go to (Paboritong lugar na puntahan)
  7. Special talent or knowledge, or most important achievement (Espesyal na talent o talino, o pinakamahalagang nagawa)

There is a frame at the top of the page in which a photo of the family member may be pasted or glued. Instead of a photo, the child may also make his/her own drawing of the family member.

There are two pages for kapatid (sibling), and two blank pages in case the child has more than two siblings or if he/she would like to include other people in his/her household or even pets.

The booklet also has a page for the child to draw or glue a photo of his/her family during a reunion, a special occasion, or a holiday they spent together. The child may write a sentence or two about his/her drawing or photo. The last page of the booklet has spaces for each family member interviewed by the child to write a short message for him/her.

How to make the “Ang Aking Pamilya” booklet:

  1. Print pages 1 and 2 back-to-back on one sheet of short (letter) bond paper.
  2. Print pages 3 and 4 back-to-back on one sheet of short (letter) bond paper.
  3. Print pages 5 and 6 back-to-back on one sheet of short (letter) bond paper.
  4. Print pages 7 and 8 back-to-back on one sheet of short (letter) bond paper.
  5. Fold each sheet in half.
  6. Put the 4 folded sheets together by arranging them according to the page numbers at the bottom corner of each page of the booklet.
  7. Staple the middle portion of the booklet.

There are two versions of this booklet. The first one (Ang Aking Pamilya Booklet_1) has circular frames and the second one has square frames (Ang Aking Pamilya Booklet_2). Click the link below, not the thumbnails, to open the pdf file in another tab.

Ang Aking Pamilya Booklet_1

Ang Aking Pamilya Booklet_2

pamilya bklet_p1

pamilya bklet_p3

You may print and distribute these booklets to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit or commercial purposes. If you would like me to make another version of this booklet with different information (for example, favorite color or favorite song), please leave a comment below.

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