Mga Damit at Bagay na Isinusuot

Listed below are the links to four pdf files. These files are about the Filipino words for different items of clothing and several things (accessories) that are worn. The thumbnails of each file are shown below the link.

All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. You may print and distribute these files to your students or children, but please do not do so for profit.

Below is the list of items included in the files. However, the words kapote, bota, salamin, and tsaleko are not included in the 2-page worksheet (fourth pdf file).

  1. kamisadentro (shirt with sleeves and a collar; sleeves may be short or long; may be worn with a necktie)
  2. kamiseta (T-shirt)
  3. blusa (blouse)
  4. pantalon (pants/trousers)
  5. maong na pantalon (denim jeans/denim pants)
  6. palda (skirt)
  7. dyaket/jaket (jacket)
  8. amerikana (coat, as part of a suit)
  9. tsaleko (vest)
  10. sando (sleeveless shirt)
  11. shorts/korto (shorts; the word shorts is often used instead of korto)
  12. bestida (dress)
  13. padyama (pajamas)
  14. kapote (raincoat)
  15. bota (boots)
  16. sombrero (hat)
  17. bupanda (scarf/bandana)
  18. kurbata (necktie)
  19. salamin (eyeglasses)
  20. sinturon (belt)
  21. medyas (socks)
  22. sapatos (shoes)
  23. tsinelas (slippers)
  24. bakya (wooden shoes/wooden clogs)

1.  Mga Damit

Mga Damit_p1

Mga Damit_p2

2. Mga Bagay na Isinusuot

Mga Bagay na Isinusuot_p1

Mga Bagay na Isinusuot_p2

3.  Mga Damit at Bagay na Isinusuot_flashcards : These mini-flashcards and handwriting sheets may be cut and stapled together to make a mini-book.

Mga Isinusuot fc_p1

Mga Isinusuot fc_p2

Mga Isinusuot fc_p3

Mga Isinusuot fc_p4

4.  Bilugan ang Tawag sa Isinusuot : This 2-page worksheet asks the student to draw a circle around the Filipino word for the item shown.

Bilugan ang Tawag sa Isinusuot_p1

Bilugan ang Tawag sa Isinusuot_p2


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  1. zaslee

    This website is a gem. I am travelling to the Philippines soon to worth with less privileged communities and this will really help me plan a useful school programme. Thank you for making this available absolutely free.

    1. samutsamot_mom

      Hi, Zaslee! A big thanks to you for bringing my worksheets to these communities! Please leave a comment or e-mail me at if I could be of any assistance to your school program.

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