More Worksheets for Preschool Bundle Vol. 2

Below are more PDF worksheets which I prepared for the Preschool Filipino Worksheets Bundle Vol. 2. These worksheets teach the Filipino words used for days, months, and several fruits. Note that according to the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, the Filipino word for Wednesday is spelled Miyerkoles instead of Miyerkules. Several images/clip art in these worksheets were obtained from The other illustrations were made by me. You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not distribute them for profit or for any commercial purpose. Instead of giving copies of the PDF files to your friends or co-teachers/tutors, please ask them to drop by my blog instead and download it from here. I’d really appreciate it. Here are the links: Mga Araw (6 pages) Kahapon Ngayon Bukas (3 pages) Mga Buwan (8 pages) Mga Prutas (8 pages)

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“Mga Buwan” Worksheets

The pdf file below are handwriting worksheets on the names for the twelve months in Filipino. The first set has names for the month that the student can trace. The second set has lines for the student to copy the names for the months. Both illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. Click on the link below, not the thumbnails, to open the pdf file in another tab. Mga Buwan Handwriting Worksheets The pdf file below is a set of worksheets on the months in Filipino. Mga Buwan Worksheets Worksheet 1: The student is asked to write the months in the correct order. Worksheet 2: The student is asked to write the names of the missing months. All images were obtained from Worksheet 3: The student is asked to write the month that comes next. Worksheet 4: The student is asked to answer questions about the months of the year. You may…

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Mga Buwan at Mga Hugis Worksheets

The pdf worksheets below are free. You may distribute them to your students or children. Please do not photocopy and distribute them for profit. The two worksheets below are about the Filipino names for the twelve months. The worksheet on the left asks the student to arrange and write the months in correct order.  The worksheet on the right asks the student to write the month that comes after the given month.    The worksheet below asks the student to circle the correct Filipino name of the shape. The worksheet below asks the student to circle the object with a different shape. The following clipart images were obtained from oval frame, soccer ball, chalkboard, chessboard, pen, key, pie slice, flock of birds, pizza slice, Rubik's cube, and globe. The worksheet below asks the student to match the halves of a shape.

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