Krusigrama: Mga Hayop

The pdf file below asks the student to complete the crossword by writing the Filipino words for the animals shown. The second page of the file is the answer key. The images for the frog, rabbit, fish, chicken, dog and snake were obtained from The other images were made by samutsamot_mom. You may print and distribute this crossword to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit. Click on the image below to open the pdf file in another tab.

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Mga Karaniwang Hayop Handwriting Booklet

The pdf file below has pages with illustrations of common animals labeled with their Filipino names as well as the English translations of these names. The student is asked to trace the name of the animal and rewrite it on the lines below the word he or she traced. Each page can be cut up into four smaller pages and made into a booklet. There are 24 animals included in this handwriting booklet. The first page may be used as the cover and back page. The students may be asked to color the illustrations and decorate the cover page. The illustrations for the aso, pusa, ibon, palaka, daga, isda, butiki, uod, gagamba, and manok are by samutsamot_mom.  All other images were obtained from and are public domain. You may print and distribute these pages to your children or students, but please do not do so for profit. Click on…

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Handwriting Practice: Mga Hayop

The link below (Mga Hayop Word Trace) opens a pdf file that contains seven pages of handwriting worksheets. Each page has six boxed illustrations of animals with labels in Filipino, making a total of 42 animals. Students can practice writing the Filipino names for different animals by tracing the labels. The list of animals include the following: aso (dog) tuta (puppy) pusa (cat) kuting (kitten) baboy (pig) biik (piglet) inahin (hen) sisiw (chick) ibon (bird) isda (fish) bibe (duck) kabayo (horse) kambing (goat) baka (cow) kalabaw (water buffalo) tandang (rooster) kuneho (rabbit) ahas (snake) leon (lion) leona (lioness) tigre (tiger) elepante (elephant) oso (bear) pating (shark) kamelyo (camel) The term kamelyo refers to a male camel. A female camel is called kamelya. palaka (frog) agila (eagle, specifically the Philippine eagle) butiki (lizard) daga (rat/mouse) kuhol (snail) pugita (octopus) The term pugita is also used for cuttlefish and squids. buwaya (crocodile)…

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