Mga Salitang Magkasalungat (Part 2)

The 7-page PDF file below shows a list of 21 Filipino antonyms (mga salitang magkasalungat) with corresponding illustrations. These are appropriate for preschool or first graders.

Some of the clip art used were obtained from and Some were illustrated by Samut-samot Mom. Four people clip art images are by Kari Bolt. Check out her online store by clicking the link below.

The lesson sheets are for personal and classroom use only. You may print and distribute these to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit or use these for any commercial purpose. You also may not upload this PDF file or any part of it in any other website such as (but not limited to) Scribd or SlideShare, or cloud storage sites such as (but not limited to) Google Drive or Dropbox.

Click on the link below, not the images, to open the PDF file in another tab.

Salitang Magkasalungat




Mga Salitang Magkasalungat

In a previous post, I posted a list of Filipino synonym pairs and a list of Filipino antonym pairs.  I added more Filipino antonym pairs.  The new list has 138 Filipino antonym pairs.  The list also has an English translation.  Click the link below to open the 4-page pdf file.

Filipino Antonym Pairs

Filipino Synonym and Antonym Pairs

Below are links to two pdf files that list Filipino synonym and antonym pairs.  There are around 280 synonym pairs or mga salitang magkasingkahulugan and about 100 antonyms pairs or mga salitang magkasalungat. The words are arranged alphabetically. The antonym pairs list is also translated in English. I hope you’ll find these helpful.

Mga Salitang Magkasingkahulugan : This is a 4-page pdf file that lists about 280 Filipino synonym pairs.

Mga Salitang Magkasalungat :  This is a 3-page pdf file that lists about 100 Filipino antonym pairs.


Pang-uri Worksheets (Part 4)

This is my fourth installment of pdf worksheets and their answer keys on Filipino adjectives (pang-uri).  Four of the five worksheets below deal with adjectives that are synonyms (mga pang-uring magkasingkahulugan) and adjectives that are antonyms (mga pang-uring magkasalungat).

You may download, print, and photocopy them for your children or students. If you are a teacher, you may use the worksheets to make quizzes or exams. Please do not copy and distribute these worksheets for profit.

1.  Kayarian ng Pang-uri_1Mga sagot sa Kayarian ng Pang-uri_1 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to underline the adjective in each sentence and determine its type according to its form. An adjective may be classified according to how the word is formed. It may be a simple word or root word (payak na pang-uri), an adjective with an affix (pang-uring maylapi), an adjective that is a reduplicated word (pang-uring inuulit), or an adjective that is a compound word (pang-uring tambalan).

The two 20-item worksheets below ask the student to select (from a list) the synonym or the antonym of a given adjective. There are 10 synonym pairs and 10 antonym pairs in each worksheet.

2.  Mga Pang-uring Magkasingkahulugan o Magkasalungat_1 ; Mga sagot sa Mga Pang-uring Magkasingkahulugan o Magkasalungat_1

3.  Mga Pang-uring Magkasingkahulugan o Magkasalungat_2 ; Mga sagot sa Mga Pang-uring Magkasingkahulugan o Magkasalungat_2

The last two worksheets test a student’s ability to relate adjectives. To be able to see the relationship in objects or words is an important aspect of intelligence. These worksheets would practice their skill in grouping adjectives according to their use (descriptive/cardinal/ordinal), whether they are synonyms or antonyms, or whether they may be used to describe the same thing (like adjectives that may be used to describe weather).

4.  Pagpili ng Naiibang Pang-uri_1 ; Mga sagot sa Pagpili ng Naiibang Pang-uri_1 : This 20-item worksheet asks the student to select (from a set of four adjectives per item) the adjective that does not belong in the group. The other three adjectives are related in some way.

5.  Pagpili ng Naiibang Pang-uri_2Mga sagot sa Pagpili ng Naiibang Pang-uri_2 : Each item of this 20-item worksheet lists three adjectives. Two of these adjectives are synonyms and the third is an antonym of these two. The student is asked to identify the antonym.