Naiibang Salita Worksheets

  The worksheets below practice a child's ability to discriminate between Filpino words that look similar.  Each item has a set of four words and one is different.  The child is asked to circle the word with the different letter in each item. Click on the links below to open the pdf files. Pagtukoy sa Naiibang Salita_1 : This pdf file has two 12-item worksheets with 3-letter Filipino words. Pagtukoy sa Naiibang Salita_2 : This pdf file has four 12-item worksheets with 4-letter Filipino words. The worksheets aim to help a child develop his or her letter and word awareness. Speaking of letter awareness, I also made a worksheet on recognizing the lowercase letters of the Filipino alphabet. Pagtukoy ng Maliit na Titik

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Si Diwayen

In my endeavor to help my daughter learn about Philippine history, I came across the Seryeng Batang Historyador, a set of five books published by Adarna House.  I bought all the books of the series from National Book Store (each book costs PhP 75).

For the first book Si Diwayen, Noong Bago Dumating ang mga Espanyol, I’ve prepared a set of questions about the story, a list of vocabulary words, and a worksheet on these words.  Although the story has an English translation, you may want to keep the vocabulary list handy as you read the story with your child.

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Worksheets on “Si Ninoy”

I've written a short essay on the life of Ninoy Aquino and made worksheets based on the essay.  The worksheets are appropriate for fifth grade students. 1.  This pdf file is the 2-page essay on Ninoy: Si Ninoy 2.  Si Ninoy Worksheets :  This first two pages of this pdf file is the same essay with several numbered sentences intended for the second of three worksheets. The first worksheet (15 items) asks the student to answer whether a given statement about Ninoy is tama (correct) or mali (incorrect). The second worksheet (15 items) refers to the underlined portions of the numbered sentences in the essay. The student is asked to determine whether the underlined portion is a parirala (phrase), sugnay (clause), or pangungusap (sentence). The third worksheet (10 items) asks the student to underline the simuno/paksa (subject) or panaguri (predicate) of a sentence. 3.  Si Ninoy Worksheets Answer Keys

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