Mga Hanapbuhay (New version)

Last year I made a booklet showing different occupations in Filipino. Each occupation had a short description. I have reworked that booklet and created three PDF files with one occupation per page. I also changed some text and added clip art of tools or things used by each person in his or her job.

The files provide reading practice for young students. These may also be used to introduce the lesson on community helpers (mga katulong sa pamayanan) or occupations. The tools shown may also act as springboards for discussions about each occupation.

The files include the following occupations:

  1. magsasaka (farmer)
  2. mangingisda (fisherman)
  3. guro (teacher)
  4. kawani (employee; assistant)
  5. pulis (police officer)
  6. bombero (firefighter)
  7. doktor (doctor)
  8. nars (nurse)
  9. tsuper (driver)
  10. karpintero (carpenter)
  11. manggagawa sa pabrika (factory worker)
  12. tindera (seller)
  13. beterinaryo (veterinarian)
  14. dentista (dentist)
  15. basurero (garbage collector)
  16. dyanitor (janitor)
  17. kartero (mail carrier/postal carrier)
  18. trabahador (worker/laborer)
  19. modista (seamstress/dressmaker)
  20. tagapagluto (cook)
  21. manunulat (writer)
  22. marinero (mariner/sailor)

Below is a screenshot of the first two occupations.

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The illustrations made by Samut-Samot Mom are the following: magsasaka, mangingisda, guro, kawani, pulis, tsuper, karpintero, manggagawa sa pabrika, tindera, modista, tagapagluto, manunulat, marinero, kalabaw, dyip, fruit stand, and the tailor’s bust.

Other clip art illustrations of community helpers, background objects, tools and buildings are by Little Red’s Clip Art. Check out their store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The hospital background and the interior of the veterinary and dentist offices are by Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs. Check out their online store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Some of the clip art of tools are by Kari Bolt. Check out her online store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

All the other images were obtained from

Click the links below (the orange-colored text) to open the files in another tab:

Mga Hanapbuhay_2.1 : magsasaka (farmer), mangingisda (fisherman), guro (teacher), kawani (employee; assistant), doktor (doctor), nars (nurse), pulis (police officer),

Mga Hanapbuhay_2.2 : bombero (firefighter), tsuper (driver), karpintero (carpenter), manggagawa sa pabrika (factory worker), tindera (seller), beterinaryo (veterinarian), dentista (dentist)

Mga Hanapbuhay_2.3 : basurero (garbage collector), dyanitor (janitor), kartero (mail carrier/postal carrier), trabahador (worker/laborer), modista (seamstress/dressmaker), tagapagluto (cook), manunulat (writer), marinero (mariner/sailor)

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