Mga Tunog ng Hayop Worksheets

This post is dedicated to Katrina because she requested for worksheets on animal sounds (mga huni o tunog ng hayop) in Filipino. Feel free to download, save, print, photocopy, and distribute them to your students or children. Please do not copy any part of any of the worksheets and/or distribute them for profit. All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. All worksheets use the same animal illustrations: cat/pusa, dog/aso, rooster/tandang, hen/inahin, frog/palaka, bee/bubuyog, bird/ibon, cow/baka, water buffalo/kalabaw, duck/pato, goat/kambing, pig/baboy, and snake/ahas. According to the latest edition of the UP Diksyonaryong Filipino, unga is the sound of a kalabaw, baka and similar animals. In the worksheets posted here, both the kalabaw and baka make the sound unga. Note that different Filipino elementary textbooks may have different sounds for some of the animals. For example, a dog's bark may be baw-waw instead of aw-aw, and a cat's meow may be miyaw instead of…

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