Mga Katulong sa Pamayanan

The worksheets below are about community helpers (mga katulong sa pamayanan) in Filipino. In the PDF file Mga Katulong sa Pamayanan, there are 12 community helpers (four on each page). From the PDF file Kagamitan ng Katulong sa Pamayanan, the student is asked to cut the illustrations of things or equipment and paste them beside the correct community helper who uses them for his or her profession. The community helpers included in this set of worksheets are the following: guro (teacher) doktor (doctor) pulis (police officer) bombero (firefighter) magsasaka (farmer) mangingisda (fisherman) dentista (dentist) beterinaryo (veterinarian) karpintero (carpenter) kartero (postal worker) trabahador (construction worker) tsuper (driver) Some of the community helpers clip art are by Little Red's Schoolhouse. The other community helpers were drawn by Samut-samot Mom. The things and equipment clip art images are from Little Red's Schoolhouse, Kari Bolt, Samut-samot Mom, and Click on the links below…

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