Mga Buwan at Mga Hugis Worksheets

The pdf worksheets below are free. You may distribute them to your students or children. Please do not photocopy and distribute them for profit.

The two worksheets below are about the Filipino names for the twelve months. The worksheet on the left asks the student to arrange and write the months in correct order.  The worksheet on the right asks the student to write the month that comes after the given month.

Ayusin ang mga Buwan ng Taon_1   Tukuyin ang Susunod na Buwan_1

The worksheet below asks the student to circle the correct Filipino name of the shape.

Itukoy ang Pangalan ng Hugis_1

The worksheet below asks the student to circle the object with a different shape. The following clipart images were obtained from oval frame, soccer ball, chalkboard, chessboard, pen, key, pie slice, flock of birds, pizza slice, Rubik’s cube, and globe.

Piliin ang may Naiibang Hugis_1

The worksheet below asks the student to match the halves of a shape.

Itambal ang mga Hugis_1


Mga Araw at Buwan Handwriting Worksheets

The thumbnails below are links to pdf handwriting worksheets on the Filipino names of days of the week and months of the year. English versions of the worksheets follow the Filipino worksheets. For the months of the year worksheets, 2-page and 1-page versions are provided.

You may download, print, and photocopy them for your children or students, but please do not copy or distribute them for profit.

Mga Araw


Mga Buwan