Mga Isinusuot Clip Art Set

I've added a new clip art set to the Clip Art Resources. It includes clip art images (transparent PNG files) of various pieces of clothing and accessories. The clip art image files are named in Filipino. The set includes Mga Damit (Clothes) and Mga Bagay na Isinusuot (Things That are Worn or Accessories). The clip art images included in each set are listed below. Mga Damit (Clothes) amerikana (jacket portion of a suit)bestida (dress)blusa (blouse)dyaket (jacket)kalsonsilyo or brip (briefs): The term kalsonsilyo is not commonly used. The more common term used nowadays is brip which comes from 'briefs.'kamisadentro (button up shirt with long sleeves): The term kamisadentro is not commonly used. Some people would describe this type of clothing as 'polo na mahaba ang manggas' (polo with long sleeves).kamiseta (T-shirt)kapote (raincoat)maong na pantalon (jeans)padyama (pajamas)palda (skirt)pantalon (pants or trousers)panti (panty)polo o polosirt (button up shirt with short sleeves): The term…

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