Mga Bilang 1 Hanggang 20 Worksheets

This post is dedicated to Ledy because she asked for these worksheets. The pdf worksheets below are about Filipino numbers (mga bilang o pamilang) from 1 to 20. Feel free to download, save, print, photocopy, and distribute them to your students or children. Please do not copy any part of any of the worksheets and/or distribute them for profit. For the numbers 11 to 19, the following rules apply: The prefix labing is added to the number names 1 to 9. For numbers with names that begin with vowels, a hyphen (gitling) is used to separate the prefix from the number. For example, the name for the number 4 is apat which begins with the vowel a. The name of 14 is therefore labing-apat. This hyphen is used so to indicate that the letter ng in labing- does not join the beginning vowel of the second word apat to form…

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