Bantas Worksheets (Part 1)

The two pdf worksheets below are about writing Filipino sentences with the correct punctuation.  The following are the punctuation marks included in these worksheets: tuldok (period) kuwit (comma) tandang pananong (question mark) tandang pandamdam (exclamation point) gitling (hyphen) kudlit (apostrophe) panipi (quotation marks) tutuldok (colon) The answer keys are in the same file as the worksheets. You may print and distribute these worksheets to your students or children, but please do not do so for profit. Paggamit ng Wastong Bantas_1:  This 2-page worksheet has 20 items.  The student is asked to rewrite the sentence on the blank with the appropriate punctuation marks. Paggamit ng Wastong Bantas_2:  The 2-page worksheet is a letter (by a grandmother to her granddaughter) with blanks where the punctuation marks should be.  The student is asked to fill in the blanks with the appropriate punctuation marks to complete the letter.    

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