Pabula: Ang Sikmura at mga Bahagi ng Katawan

"The Belly and the Members" is one of the many fables of Aesop (pronounced as "ee-sawp"). In this fable, some parts of the body go on strike after realizing that the belly was the only one getting the food. I wrote a Filipino fable based on Aesop's tale, with each body part giving an argument for their being the most important of all. This fable may be used as an introduction to a lesson on the parts of the body. It may be read aloud to younger students. It may also be used as reading practice for Grade 4 students (or older) who can read Filipino fairly well. TERMS OF USE   By downloading this PDF file, you agree to the following: This PDF file is for personal and classroom use ONLY. You may print this PDF file and distribute the printouts to your children or students, but you MAY NOT…

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