New Resources Page: Mga Kuwento

I've added a new page under the main menu item Resources. The 'Mga Kuwento' page shows a list of links to Samut-samot blog posts that feature original stories in Filipino or stories translated in Filipino. You can get to the page by clicking 'Resources' on the site's main menu and selecting 'Mga Kuwento.' This page will be updated every time I publish a post with a story. Happy reading!

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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

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Filipino translations of common English words, phrases, and sentence starters

One of the readers of my blog requested me to translate several English words and phrases into Filipino. He's a young foreigner who will be visiting his friends in the Philippines this year. I admire his efforts in learning Filipino in order for him to be able to communicate with his Filipino friends and their family members. Below is the link to a PDF file that has an alphabetical list of common English words, phrases, and sentence starters translated in Filipino. The list also includes an example (or two) of a sentence in English and its Filipino translation. Filipino translations (Part 1) This is available for free, so the least you can do in return is to follow these terms: The PDF file is for personal and classroom use ONLY. You may print and distribute the PDF file to your children or students. You MAY NOT print and distribute the…

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Kasarian ng mga Pangngalan

A couple of years ago I posted a list of common nouns and categorized them according to gender. Upon reviewing that list, I realized that some entries were incorrect for reasons which I will explain in this post. I have revised that list, added more entries, and categorized quite a lot of them. The link to the revised list (a PDF file) is provided below. A Filipino noun (pangngalan) may be categorized according the natural gender (male or female/lalaki o babae), the uncertainty of gender (male or female), or the lack of gender (nouns for nonliving things or concepts) of the person, animal, object, or idea the noun is pertaining to. A Filipino noun may be classified as having one of the four genders: masculine gender (panlalaki), feminine gender (pambabae), common gender (pambalaki o di-tiyak), or neuter gender (walang kasarian). Nouns with masculine gender are used for male persons and animals…

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