Pang-uri o Pang-abay Worksheets

Some Filipino adjectives may be used as adverbs.  Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns, while adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. The three pdf worksheets below practice the student's ability to tell whether a Filipino word is used as an adjective (pang-uri) or as an adverb (pang-abay). The second page in each file is the answer key. You may print and distribute these worksheets to you children or students, but you may not do so for profit.  These worksheets are appropriate for fifth or sixth grade students. 1.  Pang-uri o Pang-abay_1 2.  Pang-uri o Pang-abay_2 3.  Pang-uri o Pang-abay_3

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