Pagbuo ng Pangungusap Worksheets

Hello, everyone! The number of views on this blog reached an all-time high this week (over 28K!). Thank you for subscribing and visiting my blog.  I am currently working on improving the blog to make it easier for you to search for worksheets. Unfortunately, it is taking longer than I expected, so I will not be able to post new worksheets as often. Please know that all your comments are much appreciated. - Samut-samot Mom The PDF file below has four worksheets on matching phrases to form complete sentences in Filipino. The student is asked to choose the phrase that will complete a beginning of a sentence. Two of the four worksheets are old worksheets which I have reworked. The first four pages are the worksheets and the last four pages are the answer keys. The worksheets are for personal and multi-classroom use only. You may print and distribute these…

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Pangungusap at Panapos na Bantas Worksheets

The links below are for six pdf Filipino worksheets about sentences (mga pangungusap) and end punctuation (panapos na bantas). You may download, save, print, and distribute them to your children or students. Please do not copy the worksheets (or any part of any worksheet posted here) and distribute them for profit. 1. Uri ng Pangungusap_3 ; Mga sagot sa Uri ng Pangungusap_3 : This 20-item worksheet asks the students to classify each sentence as pasalaysay, patanong, padamdam, pautos, or pakiusap. I have posted a similar worksheet here. 2. Pagsulat ng Pangungusap na Pasalaysay_1 : This 10-item worksheet asks the student to answer questions using declarative sentences (pangungusap na pasalaysay). 3. Pagsulat ng Pangungusap na Patanong_1 : This 8-item worksheet asks the student to write an interrogative sentence (pangungusap na patanong) appropriate to a given situation. 4. Pagbuo ng Pangungusap_1 : This 20-item worksheet has two parts. The first part asks the…

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