Talaan ng mga Pang-uri

I like making lists. I’ve been working on one for the past few days. I hope that you find it useful. At the end of this post is the link to a pdf file that lists Filipino adjectives (mga pang-uri) and their English definitions. It has fourteen pages. Each page has two columns. I did not include number words that may be used as adjectives, such as isa, dalawa, tatlo, etc. I also did not include the numerous adjectives that are made by adding an affix (panlapi) to a Filipino root word, although many words in this list have affixes. Some adjectives have two definitions. The two definitions are separated by a semicolon (;). The adjectives in this list are alphabetically arranged according to the Filipino alphabet. If you have an English adjective and would like to see its Filipino translation, you may search the file using Adobe Reader’s Find…

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