Worksheets on “Si Ninoy”

I've written a short essay on the life of Ninoy Aquino and made worksheets based on the essay.  The worksheets are appropriate for fifth grade students. 1.  This pdf file is the 2-page essay on Ninoy: Si Ninoy 2.  Si Ninoy Worksheets :  This first two pages of this pdf file is the same essay with several numbered sentences intended for the second of three worksheets. The first worksheet (15 items) asks the student to answer whether a given statement about Ninoy is tama (correct) or mali (incorrect). The second worksheet (15 items) refers to the underlined portions of the numbered sentences in the essay. The student is asked to determine whether the underlined portion is a parirala (phrase), sugnay (clause), or pangungusap (sentence). The third worksheet (10 items) asks the student to underline the simuno/paksa (subject) or panaguri (predicate) of a sentence. 3.  Si Ninoy Worksheets Answer Keys

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