Mga Kulisap Handwriting Booklet and Lesson Sheet

The pdf file below has pages with illustrations of insects (mga kulisap) labeled with their Filipino names as well as the English translations of these names. The student is asked to trace the name of the insect and rewrite it on the lines below the word he or she traced. Each page can be cut up into four smaller pages and made into a booklet. There are fifteen insects included in this handwriting booklet. The first page may be used as the cover and back page. The students may be asked to color the illustrations and decorate the cover page. The illustrations for the lamok (mosquito), ipis (cockroach), alitaptap (firefly), and anay (termite) are by samutsamot_mom.  All other images were obtained from and are public domain. (Thank you, clker!) Note that the Filipino name for a mantis is sambasamba or sasamba. I chose the shorter name for the handwriting…

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