Pangngalan Worksheets (Part 2)

The seven pdf worksheets below are about Filipino nouns or pangngalan. They are appropriate for first or second graders. Feel free to download, save, print, and distribute them to your children or students (or other parents or teachers). Please do not copy any part of the worksheets posted here and/or distribute them for profit. The two worksheets below ask the student to write the given noun inside the box with the correct noun category: person, animal, thing, or place (tao, hayop, bagay, o lugar o pook). The two 15-item worksheets below ask the student to identify the noun category to which the underlined noun in the sentence belongs. Kategorya ng Pangngalan_1 Kategorya ng Pangngalan_2 The two worksheets below have 15 items each. Given four nouns in each item, the student is asked to identify which noun belongs to a different category. Tukuyin ang Naiibang Pangngalan_1 Tukuyin ang Naiibang Pangngalan_2 The…

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