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Below are the descriptions of the products on Community Helpers available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store Oliotopia. If you would like to purchase any of the products, email me using the Contact form in the main menu above. U.S. dollar prices will be converted to Philippine pesos.

Community Helpers in Filipino (U.S. $ 4.50)

Community Helpers in Filipino | 38 pages | $4.50

Description: This product is written in the Filipino language. It contains PDF files with lesson sheets, activity sheets, and worksheets on the following twelve (12) community helpers (mga katulong sa pamayanan):

  1. basurero (garbage collector)
  2. beterinaryo (veterinarian)
  3. bombero (firefighter)
  4. dentista (dentist)
  5. doktor (doctor)
  6. guro (teacher)
  7. kartero (courier/mailman/postman)
  8. magsasaka (farmer)
  9. mangingisda (fisherman)
  10. mekaniko (mechanic)
  11. nars (nurse)
  12. pulis (police officer)

The product includes the following PDF files:

  1. Lessons Sheets: A lesson sheet for each community helper includes a reading passage telling what the helper does. The learner can also trace the name of the helper.
  2. Activity Sheets: This includes a cut-and-paste activity sheet for each community helper. The learner can cut the name, place of work, and tools of the helper and paste them on the appropriate activity sheet. The places and tools are labeled. Those with no English translations are labeled in English.
  3. Worksheets: This includes seven (7) worksheets on the 12 community helpers.
  4. Answer Keys: This shows what the activity sheets would look like when answered correctly.

Not counting the Answer Keys, this product has 38 printable pages, which are designed to be printed on letter-sized bond paper.

Please download and read the Terms of Use before purchasing this product. Once you’ve purchased this product, you may ask to make changes to the words or labels to suit your teaching requirements.

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Community Helpers Interactive Slideshow (U.S. $4.00)

Community Helpers Interactive Slideshow | 79 slides | $4.00

Description: This product is written in the English language. It is an interactive PowerPoint Show (with filename extension *.ppsx) about community helpers. It is not a printable resource.

IMPORTANT Software Requirement: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer. The product was made using Microsoft Office 365. Please make sure you have the appropriate version of the software, one that can open a ppsx file. Older versions may not be able to open the file. What you will receive is a secured ppsx file (PowerPoint Show file) that requires a password to be edited. You will be able to open the PowerPoint Show and use it (just double click the icon), but you will not be allowed to edit it in PowerPoint. Images are locked down to protect the copyrights of the artists. The product will not work in Google Slides.

In this interactive PowerPoint Show, the learner is given a situation (which can be read aloud by the teacher or parent) and is asked to select the image of the community helper who can help. Three choices are provided for each situation. The teacher or parent can read the label under each community helper image.

Appropriate replies are shown for correct or incorrect answers. Clicking on a community helper image will show whether the answer is correct or incorrect. To view the image just clicked, click on another community helper image on the same slide. The answers will not be scored.

The learner can click HOME on a slide to start all over again or NEXT to go to the next situation. Situations can not be shuffled.

The activity presents eighteen (18) situations with the following community helpers as answers (not in this order):

1. bus driver

2. carpenter

3. cleaner

4. construction worker

5. courier

6. dentist

7. doctor

8. farmer

9. firefighter

10. garbage collector

11. librarian

12. lifeguard

13. mechanic

14. nurse

15. paramedic

16. police officer

17. teacher

18. veterinarian

Note that 4 slides were created for each situation (i.e., the situation slide and the answer/reply slides), so the file has 79 slides in total. But keep in mind that only 18 situations will be presented.

Once you have purchased the product, it is understood that you agree to abide by the Oliotopia Terms of Use. This product is for non-commercial personal use or non-commercial classroom use only. It can be used for online classes in setups where only the students can view the product. Commercial use (selling for profit), mass distribution, mass presentation, editing, image extraction, and video recording with the product are not allowed.

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