Pang-ukol Worksheets (Part 1)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Feel free to download, save, print, photocopy, or distribute the pdf worksheets in this post.  Please do not distribute the worksheets or any part of the worksheets for profit. For my family, the school year ends this week. (I can't believe I survived waking up at 5:00 in the morning every weekday for ten months.) Thank you for dropping by and using my worksheets. I am glad to help your family in my own small way. I hope you all have a good summer! The four pdf worksheets below are about Filipino prepositions. A preposition in Filipino is called a pang-ukol. A preposition relates a noun, pronoun, or phrase (which follows the preposition) to another part of the sentence. One of the most versatile Filipino prepositions is the preposition sa. Filipino phrases that begin with sa may be translated into an English phrase with any of the following…

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