Gamit ng Pangngalan Worksheets

Nouns (mga pangngalan) have several functions.  Identifying a noun’s grammatical case is referring to the noun’s use or function in relation to the other words in the phrase, clause, or sentence.

The most common cases of nouns are the subjective case (kaukulang palagyo), the objective case (kaukulang palayon), and the possessive case (kaukulang paari). (more…)

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Unang Kwarter na Pagsusulit sa Grade 6 AP

I am currently homeschooling my daughter for sixth grade.  She is reading the Araling Panlipunan (AP) textbook Lakbay ng Lahing Pilipino 6.  I'm sharing the test I made for her for the first quarter.  You may use this to review your child or student for an upcoming AP test.  Please do not distribute this 6-page pdf file for profit. Grade 6 First Quarter AP Test Pagsusulit sa Araling Panlipunan-Mga Sagot

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Katinig Worksheets

You may print and use the worksheets in this post for your students and children, but please do not distribute them for profit.  All illustrations are by samutsamot_mom. Isulat ang Katinig :  This is a set of three worksheets.  Each worksheet asks the student to write the missing consonant (katinig) or consonants to complete the Filipino words for the illustrated animals, fruits, and objects.  The thumbnails are shown below.  Note that NG/ng is considered as one consonant in the Filipino alphabet.    

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Hugnayan at Langkapan na Pangungusap Worksheets

A complex sentence in Filipino is called hugnayan na pangungusap or pangungusap na hugnayan.  This type of sentence is made up of an independent clause (sugnay na makapag-iisa/malayang sugnay) and a dependent clause (sugnay na di-makapag-iisa/di-malayang sugnay). A compound-complex sentence in Filipino is called langkapan na pangungusap or pangungusap na langkapan.  This type of sentence is made up of  two or more independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. You may print the two worksheets below for your students or children, but please do not do so for profit. Hugnayan o Langkapan_1:  This 10-item worksheet asks the student to determine whether a sentence is hugnayan (complex) or langkapan (compound-complex). Pangungusap na Langkapan_1:  This 9-item worksheet asks the student to identify the two independent clauses and the dependent clause in a compound-complex sentence. These two types of sentences are introduced in sixth grade.  

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