Pagbilang sa Filipino

I have taken a couple of weeks off from making worksheets and have been working on an article on counting in Filipino. Although this post is categorized under Filipino Lessons, it is more of an informative piece than a lesson. I hope it will help you in some way. – samutsamot_mom

Below is a link to a 7-page pdf article that is about counting in Filipino from one to one million.

Pagbilang sa Filipino

This article includes the following sections:

  1. Pagbilang mula 1 hanggang 100 sa wikang Filipino
  2. Pagbilang mula 1 hanggang 100 hango sa wikang Espanyol
  3. Pagbilang mula 100 hanggang 1,000
  4. Pagbilang mula 1,000 hanggang 10,000
  5. Pagbilang mula 10,000 hanggang 1,000,000

Sections 3 to 5 have examples of complex numbers which use one or more of the nine basic or simple numbers (1 to 9) and one or more of the words that express groups of hundreds (pu), thousands (libo), and millions (milyon).

With more than three hundred years under Spanish colonization, Filipinos have borrowed or adapted the number words from the Spanish language. Although the pronunciations of these number words are similar to the Spanish pronunciations, the spelling of these words are based on the Filipino alphabet. For example, 20 in Spanish is spelled veinte and in Filipino, it is spelled beynte or bente.

Many Filipinos still use these borrowed words to tell time, specify one’s age, a year, the amount of money, or the number of things. Some examples of telling time using these borrowed words are given below.

1:05   “ala-una beynte uno”

4:15   “alas-kuwatro kinse”

6:30   “alas-seis treynta”

7:22   “alas-siyete beynte y dos”

We use these number words to specify a year or a decade.

1521  “mil kinyentos beynte uno”

1890  “mil otso siyentos nobenta”

1975  “mil nuwebe siyentos setenta y singko”

70’s  “dekada setenta”

90’s  “dekada nobenta”

We also use these numbers to indicate a person or thing’s age.

Si Maria ay kinse anyos. (Maria is fifteen years old.)

I have not made any worksheets on this topic but you may request for them by leaving a comment. Please specify the highest number in the worksheet you need.

You may photocopy and distribute this article but please do not distribute copies for profit.

Please leave a comment if you find an error or errors in the article.

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    1. Walang anuman! Salamat din sa pagbisita sa aking blog.

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