Filipino Handwriting Worksheets (Mga Hayop Part 2)

This is the second installment to the set of Filipino Handwriting Worksheets I’ve made about animals. The first one can be viewed here.

The link Mga Hayop_2 opens a pdf file that contains three pages of handwriting worksheets. Each page has six boxed illustrations of animals with labels.

Feel free to print this set of worksheets but please do not copy and/or distribute them for profit.

All the illustrations in this set of worksheets are by samutsamot_mom. The font used for these handwriting worksheets is the National First Font Dotted Version 1.0 created by Roger White in 1994. The thumbnails below show what the worksheets look like.

Mga Hayop_2p1   Mga Hayop_2p2   Mga Hayop_2p3

Please take note of the following:

  • The eagle (agila) illustrated is the Philippine eagle and the tarsier is the Philippine tarsier.
  • The term kamelyo refers to a male camel. A female camel is called kamelya.
  • A dolphin in Filipino is also called lumba-lumba.
  • The term pugita is also used for cuttlefish and squids.

This link Animals_2 is the English version of the above worksheets. The thumbnails are shown below.

Animals_2p1   Animals_2p2   Animals_2p3

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